Hello, welcome.

CINE_ SPACE is a place

where everyone is

welcome in informal

settings, can connect

and screen social-

change films.



CINE_SPACE continues to connect

communities; actively act as the

cornerstone of everyday life in the city,

creative entertainment and social

interchange where differences and

diversities are welcomed. From

Filmmakers: both beginners,

professionals and amateurs; each

comes to CINE_SPACE for the free

exchange of ideas, ideals and inclusion.

What We Do

To create and cultivate through curated cinema contents: a set of moving movies

To make local and international films accessible to communities by coming to CINE_SPACE to watch films from all over the world

To provide inspiring and impactful co-working space where students and young professionals can work and interact with each other

Our Movements

Building the Cinema Literacy in Indonesia

Kalyana Shira Foundation
(Tolerance Cinema) to play a
competitive role in encouraging
The Transformation Scheme is
structured through the curation of
all films in Indonesia—short and
long ones, as the seed of
strategy to secure a more
inclusive future in Indonesia
through films.


Film Screening with Workshop

and/or Dynamic Discussion

Session with Filmmakers.

16FilmFestival (16FF) is
initiated by Kalyana Shira
Foundation to
support the international
movements of 16 Days of
Activism Against Gender-Based
Violence initiated world-wide by
the UN Women.
To raise public awareness and
acceptance of Sexual and
Gender Diversities in Indonesia
—particularly among young
people, 16FilmFestival (16FF)
intelligently connect cities and
engage diverse participants
through 16 days of Film
16FilmFestival (16FF) also make
a safe space possible for
survivors of gender-based
violence to speak up publicly
and for more people to listen to
their voice.

Indonesia needs to continue

connecting the communities as a

part of the positive change.

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